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Relief from pain, increase in range of motion, decrease in spinal stiffness and injury prevention.

Specialising in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders in leisure and low level competition horses, as well as dogs and cats.

Using a combination of spinal realignment, sports massage, myofascial release and acupressure to give a total body treatment, realigning the whole skeleton and releasing all muscle tension throughout the body. Removing muscle spasm will clear any issues such as bucking, napping, nipping or poor performance that you may be experiencing. Read more. Exercises, rehabilitation and lifestyle advice form an integral part of the consultation.

“You obviously made Bud feel good! Won his section and team came 2nd today!”

Dani and Bud.

Using the McTimoney technique, a spinal manipulation technique, along with a variety soft tissue techniques to help ease discomfort or pain, which is usually linked to tension or imbalance of the musculoskeletal system, giving a truly whole body treatment that is often missing from other animal practitioners.


Manage chronic pain and longer term conditions such as arthritis, sacroiliac conditions, kissing spines, degenerative disc disease, cranial cruciate disease and others. Tailored fitness and rehabilitation plans.

Veterinary permission is required before treatment can commence, to find out why working along side your vet is the best outcome for your animal follow this link.

“So my staffy dog Tia got a wonderful treatment today from Anna Blunden from McTimoney manipulations.
She had been restless and anxious after our house move and this treatment made her really ‘zonk out’ blissfully. Anna worked skillfully to identify areas of muscle tissue and facia that was tight and Tia would seem to really enjoy the attention! Aftwewards she seemed brighter and more relaxed.
I highly recommend Anna she is so knowledgeable, gentle and intuitive and a natural with animals, she works with horses and dogs and can help with many different problems alongside veterinary care.”

To read more testimonials from my clients head to this page.

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